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Revolutionary Burials In Beaver County

Milestones Vol 2 No3--Summer




Shippingport Christler Private

Michael Christler


Frankfort Springs Frankfort Springs

Richard Roberts Levi Dungan


Hanover Twp . King's Creek

James Leiper John Boyd


Green Twp . Old Mill Creek

John Reed Robert Doak

George Stewart William Langfitt

Charles Willoughby Robert Miller

Robert Moody Capt. Thomas Moore

John Teel Andrew Poe


Hanover Twp Reddick Farm

John Reddick


Georgetown Georgetown

Benjamin Mackall William Carnagey

Capt. Amos Wilkinson


Hanover Twp Hanover U. P. Church

James Torrance


Greene Twp Mill Creek Hill

James Chambers


Center Twp Figley Farm

Michael Baker George Baker


Center Twp Mt. Carmel Presbyterian

James Johnson William Davis

Thomas Reed


Raccoon Twp. (Service Church) John Anderson Memorial

Timothy Shane Capt. James Craig

George Shillito Alexander Ewing

John Kain William Littell

John Kronk William Nelson


from the Veterans Office lists. (to be continued)

It is interesting to note that most of the soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War had sons who were in the War of 1812 and grandsons who fought in the Civil War.