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Milk Control Board
Milestones Vol 14 No 2 Summer 1989

Back in 1928 the Beaver County Commissioners met with the Beaver County Public Health association and agreed to appropriate a sum of money for the financing of a Beaver County board of milk control for a period of two years. With this action Beaver County became the first county in the state to have a countywide milk control board. The state also agreed to assist and this is a first-time for such a state movement. The first members of the executive board were: H.O. Allison, Pres.; Dr. J.B. Reckers, Ambridge, V. Pres.; W.S. Reader, Secretary-Treas.; Dr. Fred Wilson, Beaver-, R.B. Wisener, Midland; Art Coombs, Aliquippa; Mrs. R.W. Soloman, Beaver Falls; Dr. J.A. Stevens, County Medical Director, and Miss Elma Graham, Ex. Secretary, together with Walter Goettman and William 0. Coulter, County Commissioners. Mr. H.E. Shroat of the State Health Department reported on three dairies which he had recently investigated. He stated that from sixteen drops of milk he found 30to 40 million bacteria, whereas the average should be but 300 to 400 thousand bacteria to 16 drops. The County Commissioners are to be commended for this move forward in protecting the consumer and it was through the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce of the upper Beaver Valley that state aid was received.