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First Farm Society of Beaver County
Milestones Vol 14 No 4 Winter 1989

Beaver County's industry and grange groups are a far cry from the early leaders of the rural districts of Beaver County. The first signs of desired organization was the banding together of small "neighbor" groups with similar interests. The Beaver County Agricultural Society was organized after county-wide agitation that lasted almost ten years. The first meeting was called for a study of varied plans for such a group. An ad just signed "Farmer" appeared in the Argus February 28, 1844 and read as follows: Agricultural Meeting! The farmers of Beaver County are requested to meet at the courthouse, Beaver, on Monday evening the 4th day of March next (court week) for the purpose of forming an agricultural society of Beaver County. It was obvious this meeting was a success, because three months later the same paper carried another ad dated May 22, A meeting of the Beaver County Agricultural Society will be held in the courthouse, Beaver on Monday evening the third day of June next, at which time a constitution will be submitted and election of officers held. The township committees appointed for obtaining subscribers will be expected to report May 20th. The first elected officers were: William Morton Esq., Chairman; Vice-presidents, Thomas Dugan, Thomas Cairns, James Sterling, and Thomas Nicholson. Secretaries were: Robert McFerren and James T. Robertson. David Minis was Treasurer.