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The Darlington Road


Of much we've learned in College time

At last may leave us naught;

But the old road to Darling Town

Shall not be thus forgot:

For 'mongst the highways of the earth

That boast a wide renown

there's no one like

That noble pike,

The road to Darling Town.


So, wish me now a winter's night,

A full moon in the sky,

And jewels sparkling in the white

0f snowdrift, sweeping by;

And let the good nags jingle gaily

Up the hills and down,

Along the road,

The good old road

That leads to Darling Town.


And those dear girls who rode with us

Through valley, wood and farm;

How careful to a fault we were

T'o keep the darlings warm.

But, cheeks aglow and eyes alight

No girl knows how to frown

In a bob-sled load

On the old highroad,

On the road to Darling Town.


Full many a patient country wight

From his warm bed up rose.

We filled our lungs and cheered again

For that dumfounded lown

While speeding, aye

More swift, away

To dreamy Darling Town.


And how we sang! The good old sorrgs

We sang them one and all,

From "Nut Brown Mayde" to "Forty-nine

Blue Bottles on the Wall."

And if, the while, soft hands `were held

And modest eyes looked down,

'T`was nothing wrong,

You know, along

The road to Darling Town.


You mind the house we reached at last,

The coffee, cream and pies,-

When I but dream of that repast

The tears stand in mine eyes;-

Fried chicken, honey, home-made bread

With bowls of cider brown,-

O, Epicures!

This way is yours,

That leads to Darling Town.

The road to dreamy Darling Town.


It keeps the upland ways

Until you reach the valley with

Its veil of frosty haze,

The valley and the old wood bridge

Where every care should drown

Within the stream

Whose waters dream

By dear old Darling Town.


'Tis all a fair enchanted land,

When clad in winter's snows,

'Tis fair when, from each harvest field,

The meadow fragrance blows.

And always that full, golden moon

Its westward hills shall crown,

Ere we turn back

The homeward track

From drowsy Darlin Town.


This way of such enchantment is

Beset on every hand,

with magic spells and pitfalls, as

In all enchanted lands;

It twists about among the hills

And turns so up and down,

You MUST provide

A proper guide

To go to Darling Town.


So take a pilot, if this way

You ever hope to find,

A pretty one, if that you may,

But faithful, sweet and kind;

And let her eyes be smiling eyes

Of azure blue or brown;

For smiling eyes

See farthest

On the road to Darling Town