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Letter From Bradford on Sons' Illness

Milestones Vol 11. No.1


CROUP, COUGH, ASTHAMA, Spitting of Blood, Whooping Cough, and all Pulmonary Diseases, cured by Jayne's EXPECTORANT, and the various affections of the stomach and Bowels removed by his CARMINATIVE BALSAM. Please read the following letter:

Darlington, Beaver County, Pa. February 1839

Dr. D. Jayne - Dear Sir: I feel it due to you as the inventor of the medicine, and to the public, who maybe greatly benefited by it, to state a cure that was performed in my family, by the use of your Carminative Balsam.

My little son, when about two months old, was seized with a bowel complaint, caused as I suppose, by a change of diet. It continued for two weeks without intermission, and notwithstanding the remedies prescribed by a respectable physician, we gave up the child, a victim as we supposed, to a fatal disease. But I providentially heard of Jayne's Carminative, as an effectual cure of bowel complaint, and immediately despatched a messenger to a town seventeen miles off for a bottle. By the use of this medicine, in less than thirty-six hours the disease was checked, and by its continued use for a few days, the child was restored to perfect health. Shortly after this, there occurred a similar case in one of the families of my congregation, I prescribed "Jayne's Carminative," and the result was a speedy cure. From a knowledge of the efficiency of your medicine in bowel complaint, a disease to which children are constantly liable, I have obtained and keep constantly in the house a quantity of the Carminative.

The same child, owing to exposure when recently coming up the Ohio, was attacked by that horrible malady, Croup. We landed in the night at Beaver Point, and when our fears were alarmed lest the hoarse, sepulchral cough was the fore runner of death, we gave

him a teaspoon full of the Expectorant, (a bottle of which you presented me with when in Philadelphia) and applied some lineament to the throat and breast, and before many minutes the hoarseness was gone, the child breathed freely and slept sweetly. Owing to these circumstances it cannot be wondered at why I have so high an opinion of Dr. Jayne's medicine and why I advise every family to keep it on hand ready for any emergency.

Respectfully yours, ARTHUR B. BRADFORD Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Darlington, Pa.